Our expertise

Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights (IP) protect creations of the mind. They represent a very valuable asset for your company or for you as a person – as an author, artist or inventor. 

The best-known intellectual property rights are trademarks and patents. Thanks to trademarks you can distinguish your products and/or services from those of others.

Patents protect your inventions. And if you have written a book or taken photographs, you may invoke your copyrights.

You can protect the shape of an object through copyright or the registration of a design and possibly also a trademark. 

We are happy to advise you on how to protect your creations. If a registration is required for this, we will take care of it.

Our expertise extends to all domains of IP:

  • trademarks, trade names and domain names 
  • patents
  • copyrights and related rights
  • designs
  • plant breeders' rights
  • database protection
  • computer law
  • the protection of trade secrets and know-how

Media & Entertainment

IP Porta has been working for many years with media production houses and publishers, as well as authors, media personalities and artists. As a result, we have a highly in-depth knowledge of the sector.

The media and entertainment sector has specific legal needs. The sector is developing at a very fast pace. Our creative, solution-oriented and responsive approach provides clients in this sector with the support they need.

At IP Porta we are happy to advise you, among others, concerning:

  • copyright protection – protection for formats
  • optimising tax conditions for royalty fees 
  • personality rights
  • privacy audits in the context of productions
  • exclusivity contracts with broadcasters and/or labels
  • sponsorships (audiovisual media, influencers)
  • co-production contracts and other contracts for audiovisual productions
  • publishing agreements

Advertising & Market Practices

Advertising allows a company to present itself to the public. However, there are rules for advertising. Both for advertising aimed at consumers and businesses. We check for you whether your advertising complies with these rules.

Also if you yourself are confronted with illegal comparative advertising or with misleading advertising, we can help you.

Regulations on unfair commercial practices (with regard to consumers) and market practices (between businesses) are familiar material for us. This can be a useful addition to your protection through intellectual property rights, but can also offer a solution when you cannot invoke an intellectual property right.

Technology, Data & Privacy

Technology offers unprecedented possibilities. At the same time, it also presents you with new legal challenges. Because new technologies (AI, Blockchain, Internet of Things, …) are increasingly being regulated. 

In addition, these technologies often involve the processing of (personal) data.

With our in-depth expertise in IT, technology and data, we guide you through the legal tangle so you can use it to your advantage.

We can investigate for you whether your processing of personal data respects the privacy rights of the data subjects. We then formulate recommendations on this and help you to implement them. 

You can also contact us for the drafting or review of all necessary contracts (processor agreements, IT contracts, R&D agreements, etc).


  • Privacy rights
  • Processor agreements
  • IT contracts
  • R&D agreements

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