Karen Ongena

In 2009, Karen founded IP Porta, now one of the most experienced and dedicated IP, IT & media law firms in Flanders, Belgium.

Karen earned her stripes in technology and media cases, as well as in cases involving intellectual property rights. Since 2009 she has been recommended in the "Legal 500" and "Chambers" (Intellectual Property, Belgium).

Clients appreciate her incisive analyses and ability to synthesize, her openness and clear communication style, her writing skills, enterprising spirit and strategic insight.

Education, experience and publications

  • Law degree: KULAK and KU Leuven (1997), Paris Panthéon-Sorbonne (1996) 
  • LL.M. from Cambridge University (1998)
  • Loeff Claeys Verbeke – Allen & Overy (1998-2004), Ambos Law (2005-2009), IP Porta (2009-heden)
  • Member of the Commission for the Accreditation of Belgian Patent Attorneys
  • Third-Party Decider on Domain Names (CEPANI) 
  • Lecturer "Law for Innovation" at the Antwerp Management School (2013-2016)
  • Practical course on Intellectual Property at KULAK (2006-2019)
  • Publications: multiple publications on seizure of counterfeit goods, copyright, trademark law, gambling and market practices
Karen Ongena

Karen Ongena has a very wide and incredibly in-depth knowledge of all IP matters, which she combines with a very good understanding of technical issues.

Chambers Europe2022

Clients appreciate the firm’s ‘good follow-up and quick response to questions’. The ‘carefully prepared and eloquent’ Karen Ongena, ‘combines many years of experience with openness and a positive attitude’. Another source highlights her ‘good analysis and synthesis’.


Karen Ongena climbs the rankings due to impressive feedback from market sources, who laud her all-round IP knowledge, good communication skills and strategic thinking.

Laurence Hubert

Laurence Hubert

Laurence has been a part of IP Porta from the start. She has over 20 years of experience as a lawyer in IP, privacy and general commercial law. Together with Karen, she leads the IP Porta team.

She has strong assets: Laurence is bilingual, has a broad legal background and outstanding persuasive skills. Because of her ability to take a helicopter view on disputes, she invariably chooses the right solution-oriented approach. She understands the mindset of entrepreneurs.

In addition to drafting and negotiating your contracts, devising legal strategies and conducting court proceedings, Laurence can also assist you in reaching a mediated solution.

Education, experience and publications

  • Law degree: UGent (1999)  
  • De Schrijver-Vandegehuchte (1999-2003), Amboslaw (2005-2009), IP Porta (2009-heden) 
  • Accredited mediator in civil and commercial matters (UGent and UAntwerp 2014)
  • Collaborative lawyer (2020)  
  • Arbitrator  
  • Local Ombudsman in consumer disputes with lawyers (2016-present)

The 'bright and accurate' Laurence Hubert stands out for being a proactive thinker and very pleasant to work with.


We’ve been working with Laurence since the start of our production company in 2010. Laurence has seen every side of our story: from intellectual matters to privacy matters. She was always there to listen and guide, always seeking mediation before confrontation. She has helped us with a wide number of matters and redirects us to colleagues if she knows they can help us better. It has been a pleasure working with her in the past and I’m sure we will continue to work together in the future!

Geronimo Productions

Samenwerken met IP Porta, in het bijzonder met Laurence Hubert als expert, is een plezier en dit omwille van meerdere reden: de snelheid, accuraatheid, de diepgaande kennis van de complexe materie en de persoonlijke benadering, zorgen voor een onderling vertrouwen.

V. BobelynVBK België

Michael Kinyentama

Michael joined IP Porta in 2014. He has a passion for creativity and technology. You will find him to be an expert in traditional intellectual property rights, as well as new technologies and creative industries. Patents, R&D projects and copyrights are his forte.

Michael attaches great importance to understanding the entrepreneur and his business, the researcher and his invention, and the author and his creation. He prefers to work with risk-takers, thinkers, dreamers and tenacious fighters.

He prepares contracts, conducts negotiations and provides assistance in disputes. In procedures, he always looks for – and finds – the most effective arguments.

Education, experience and publications

  • Master of Laws: KU Leuven (2013), Université Jean Moulin III in Lyon (2012)
  • LL.M. in intellectual property law and competition law from the Université de Liège (2014)
  • Guest lecturer "Software, Intellectual Property Rights & Information Technology" (2017-present) and "Privacy Law" (2019-present), University Colleges Leuven-Limburg (KU Leuven Association)
Michael Kinyentama
Tijs Deltour

Tijs Deltour

Tijs specializes in intellectual property rights, privacy and commercial law. Before joining IP Porta in 2018, he worked in a law firm specializing in business law in the broad sense. 

Already during his studies, Tijs was determined to focus on IP and privacy. His enthusiasm for this area of law is reflected in the passionate way in which he handles your case. He is cost-effective and customer-oriented. He attaches great importance to accessibility.

Education, experience and publications

  • Master of Laws: KULAK and KU Leuven (2014)
  • LL.M. in intellectual rights and ICT law from the KU Leuven, Brussels campus (2015)
  • De Bock & Baluwé advocaten (2015-2018), IP Porta (2018-present)
  • Board member of the Committee of Trainees at the Ghent Bar (2016-2018)
  • Board member of the Flemish Conference of the Ghent Bar Association (2020-present)

Sofie De Pourcq

Sofie joined the IP Porta team in September 2018, when she left the academic world for the legal profession.

Sofie has excellent writing skills which come in handy every day as a lawyer. She strives to use plain and simple language in her letters, advice and conclusions. She also likes the challenge of thoroughly understanding your case so that your interests can be optimally defended. 

Education, experience and publications

  • Master of Laws: KULAK and UGent (2012), Université Catholique de Louvain (2011)
  • Doctorate KU Leuven, campus KULAK Kortrijk (2018), "The protection of companies against unfair commercial practices in the contractual relationship".
  • Multiple publications on trade and market practices.
  • TPR award for the comparative-law article on the liability of booking sites for abusive reviews (2014).
  • Guest speaker at various symposia
Sofie De Pourcq
Marie Verheye

Marie Verheye

Marie joined the IP Porta team in 2019. She is committed to continuing to develop into an accessible and pragmatic lawyer.

Marie has already gained solid experience in various aspects of law (including trademark law, copyright, GDPR compliance, etc.). She is highly motivated and takes on any challenge with pleasure.

Based on her interest in innovation and digitisation she is dedicated to providing clear advice to (starting) entrepreneurs and creators. Marie likes to think along with clients about possible opportunities and possibilities for them.

Education, experience and publications

  • Master of Laws: UGent (2018), University of Copenhagen (2015-2016)
  • LL.M. in intellectual rights and ICT law from the KU Leuven, Brussels campus (2019)
  • Daldewolf (2018-2019), IP Porta (2019-present)
  • Secondment: In-house legal counsel at an international cosmetics group with the task of further implementing the GDPR obligations
  • Teaching Assistent UGent: "Healthcare, Innovation and Law", "Data & Ethics"

Ann Saegerman

As our firm value, Ann has fulfilled the function of office manager and paralegal since the start of IP Porta.

She focuses on know-how in intellectual property rights. She is also client administrator and responsible for invoicing.

Ann is a motivated and curious person and loves delivering quality work.

Ann Saegerman

Clear expert advice for the innovative and creative industries.