Intellectual Property, a cornerstone in strengthening the EU economy

Geschreven op 15/05/14

Michel Barnier, Eurocommissaris voor interne markten en diensten, benadrukte op de World Intellectual Property Day 2014 het belang van intellectuele eigendom:

"Intellectual Property, a cornerstone in strenghtening the EU Economy"

Intellectual property has never been as important as it is today. Following one of the worst economic crises the world has seen, the EU is on its way to recovery. In doing so, the EU needs to be able to count on one of its main strenghts: its intellectual capital and human resources, people who are highly skilled and educated. In today's global knowledge-based economy, we need superior technical skill and innovation, which in practice relies on a well-functioning intellectual property (IP) infrastructure.

A recent study found that 39% of total economic activity in the EU (worth some €4.7 trillion annually) is generated by IPR-intensive industries, and approximately 35% of all employment in the EU is provided directly or indirectly by these industries."

Lees hier het volledige bericht.

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